Sam Hopgood

A Tesladyne particle and astro-physicist, who'd rather be lucky than clever.


Affiliation: Tesladyne Industries

Modes and Skills

Good Mode: Science

Specialised (+5) Skills: Particle Physics, Notice
Focused (+4) Skills: Astrophysics
Trained (+3) Skills: Will, Other Sciences

Fair Mode: Action

Specialised (+4) Skills: none
Focused (+3) Skills: Athletics, Physique, Provoke
Trained (+2) Skills: Combat, Science

Average Mode: Intrigue

Specialised (+3) Skils: Contacts
Focused (+2) Skills: none
Trained (+1) Skills: Burglary, Deceive, Stealth


Concept: I’d rather be lucky than clever
Science: Third time lucky
Action: In the thick of it
Intrigue: It’s not always a conspiracy!
Omega: Blind to the consequences


(None yet)

Stress and Consequences

Physical Stress: 3 boxes
Mental Stress: 4 boxes

Mild (-2) Consequence: None
Moderate (-4) Consequence: None
Severe (-6) Consequence: None


Sam Hopgood

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