2013 was not a good time for Tesladyne. Robo is missing in action after saving the world from Dr Dinosaur’s mad plan to detonate a “time bomb”. Tesladyne Island has been raided by Majestic 12, acting on fraudulent information that Robo and his organisation had been stealing nuclear weapons. Most of Tesladyne’s resources have been confiscated and nearly all of its personnel are being detained – though Jenkins is noticeably absent, having disappeared – presumed escaped – in an explosion during the Majestic 12 raid.

Those few Tesladyne employees left behind were without a plan – until now. A shadowy figure calling themselves “Dr. T” has made contact with a couple of Tesladyne’s least likely remaining fightin’ scientists, and asked them to retrieve a lost crate of Tesla designs from the 1940s from Eastern Europe.

Is this a chance for Tesladyne to reclaim its good name and rebuild? Or something more sinister? Only time will tell…

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. Tesla