sphere device

A mysterious device, marked as an invention of Tesla’s, which probably went missing during World War II. It surfaced in Lithuania in a crate seemingly unopened for decades.

The device is a thick but hollow sphere made of steel, about the size of a large beach ball, with around 30 large circular indentations evenly spaced across its surface. Most of these are filled with cylinders, also made of steel, but some are empty, allowing access to the interior. When first inspected the sphere seemed empty but it caused an unusually intense blue stain in the straw padding and wooden crate surrounding it. This stain was transferred on contact to human flesh, but doesn’t necessarily appear immediately. The cause and effect of the stain is so far unknown.

The sphere was accompanied by a short steel cylinder with a rounded top, clearly intended to act as a stand for the sphere. Neither object has yet been extensively studied.

The sphere device was packaged with another piece of Telsa tech: the tuning fork gun. It is not yet clear if the two devices are related.

sphere device

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