Previously of Majestic 12, now Tesladyne's top operative save Robo himself. Currently missing.


Affiliation: Tesladyne Industries

Modes and Skills

Good Mode: Jenkins

Specialised (+5) Skills: Athletics, Combat, Notice, Physique, Will
Focused (+4) Skills: Provoke, Stealth, Vehicles
Trained (+3) Skills: none

Fair Mode: Action

(Action mode skills are duplicated in the Jenkins mode)

Average Mode: Survivor

(Survivor mode skills are duplicated in the Jenkins mode)


Concept: Tesladyne’s One-Man Army
Jenkins: A Cultivated Air of Terror
Action: Grimly pragmatic
Survivor: The Vampire Dimension Couldn’t Kill Me
Omega: Jenkins Doesn’t Sleep—He Holds Back


Ex-SEAL Beret Delta: +2 to attack with Combat when unarmed, with melee weapons, or with firearms; +2 to create an advantage with Stealth when sneaking up on someone.

Hard to Kill: Once per scene, when you take a physical hit, you can check two physical stress boxes and absorb shifts of harm equal to their total. You also have Armor:2.

Tactical Advantage: In a physical conflict, before rolling dice on your turn, you can remove a boost from play.

Out of Nowhere: As long as you’re not being directly observed and there’s a reasonable way to leave, you can disappear from a scene. Spend a fate point later (in the same scene or a subsequent one) to reappear in an unobserved spot.

Combat Knife: Your attacks with this weapon can damage Bulletproof targets.

(Total Benefits: 10 – 5 = 5 fate points added to the GM’s reserve)

Stress and Consequences

Physical Stress: 3 boxes
Mental Stress: 4 boxes

Mild (-2) Consequence: None
Moderate (-4) Consequence: None
Severe (-6) Consequence: None



The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. Tesla guybrush