Baxter Brown

A commerical electronics expert who was brought in shortly before the raid to find new revenue streams for Tesladyne.


Affiliation: Tesladyne Industries

Modes and Skills

Good Mode: Banter

Specialised (+5) Skills: Contacts
Focused (+4) Skills: Deceive, Rapport, Will
Trained (+3) Skills: Empathy, Provoke

Fair Mode: Science

Specialised (+4) Skills: Electronics, Notice
Focused (+3) Skills: none
Trained (+2) Skills: Other Sciences

Average Mode: Intrigue

Specialised (+3) Skils: none
Focused (+2) Skills: Athletics
Trained (+1) Skills: Burglary, Stealth


Concept: Looking for commercial success
Banter: Smooth tongued charmer
Science: What’s the practical application?
Intrigue: Master of repackaging
Omega: TBC


The Office Darling: +2 to Overcome actions using Rapport on Tesladyne employees

Stress and Consequences

Physical Stress: 2 boxes
Mental Stress: 5 boxes

Mild (-2) Consequence: None
Moderate (-4) Consequence: None
Severe (-6) Consequence: None


Baxter Brown

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